Geology is the study of the earth’s composition, structure, and surface features, and the physical and chemical processes that shape it.  Fundamentally, geology is a field science (although remote sensing and laboratory analysis is increasingly important to the discipline).  This website is all about experiencing geology in the field, through the eyes of a professional geologist (me), as a series of field guides and supplemental articles to locations that I believe exemplify specific geological phenomena.  Many geological systems operate on vast time scales and over broad regions of the earth, and because the earth is so ancient, records of past events that have shaped our planet seem unfathomable.  Geological processes can be very destructive and seem quite mysterious, but the resulting features can also be very beautiful.  Through my ramblings on this website, I hope that I can reveal some of earth’s mysteries and its beauty, and offer a geologist’s knowledge and perspective on the places you may go. 


PLEASE NOTE: This website is under construction; for those of you familar with its last rendition, I apologize for the missing content; for all of you, new and old, please be patient as I add content.