I have been actively conducting field research and teaching courses at the college level in geology since the early 1990’s.  I also have 40+ years of experience camping and hiking in the out-of-doors, and 20+ years of experience leading geological field trips for college-age students.  During that time, I have gained skills and experience observing, interpreting, and describing a plethora of geological features and processes to professionals, students, and the general public.  I teach at Hanover College in Indiana in a small department that requires that I be proficient in a wide range of geological subdisciplines.  My personal research interests lie primarily in the area of glacial geology, and as a teaching professional, I have an active research program reconstructing alpine glacial histories (in the western U.S.) that engages my students in the learning process and constantly hones my skills as a scholar and communicator of my discipline.  More recently, I began an ongoing effort to redirect and connect my geological research skills and knowledge, my mentorship of Hanover geology students, and my creative and leisure time interests.  The result of that synergy is this geologically-themed website. As I identify like-minded students at Hanover, I have encouraged them to get involved, to aid my field research and to develop content for my website, a mutually collaborative effort that provides them with valuable field experiences, scientific research, writing, and presentation skills, and builds a better resume.  I believe that this collaborative research not only improves my interpretive skills, but it provides many teachable moments that have allowed me to develop a discerning eye for detail and a conscious mind that strives to more effectively communicate relevant information to my audience, whomever they may be.